VFS Indian Visa Centre London
60-62 Wilton Road

VFS Indian Visa Centre London
142 - 148 Goswell Road
VFS Indian Visa Centre Birmingham
120-21 Pemberton St
B18 6NY

VFS Indian Visa Centre Edinburgh
66 Handover Building Rose St


Indian Embassy & VFS London
Visa Application Forms


Standard Visa Application Form


Tourist / Visit Visas categories
Transit Visa
Business Visas
Employment Visas

Non UK Resident Form

Non UK passport holders residing in UK for less than 12 months OR more than 1 year but unable to produce required bank statements or utility bill

Bangladeshi Form

Indian Visa form for applicants of Bangadeshi descent

Chinese Beijing Form

Indian Visa Application form for Chinese passport holders

Sri Lanka Colombo Form

Indian Visa Application form for Sri Lankan passport holders

Visa Transfer Application Form

Form to transfer long term Indian Visa (with +6 months remaining validity) from an old/expired passport to new

Media / Filming Request Application Form

Form to request permission to film and carry out media related activities whilst on location in India